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Tiger's Clock Picks The Tiger Clocks

Tobey's Picks! 

These are the Clocks we like.  The Tobey Collection.  The ones that stand out, with great quality, and great prices.   

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The best deals we can find!

The best deals we can find!

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Decorative Skeleton Wall Clock, Seth Thomas THOMPSONDecorative Skeleton Wall Clock, Seth Thomas THOMPSON

A decorative Seth Thomas skeleton wall clock with a walnut finish. The darker color will match almost any decor.

Traditional Fireplace Clock | Seth Thomas BarkleyTraditional Fireplace Clock | Seth Thomas BarkleySeth Thomas Fireplace Mantel Clock. A beautiful mahogany finish tambour wood case and ornate dial with minute track.
Traditional Wall Clock | Seth Thomas KIPLERTraditional Wall Clock |  Seth Thomas KIPLERThe Seth Thomas KIPLER Pendulum Wall Clock is done in honey-finished oak and is complimented by it's matching wood-shaft pendulum. The glass case showcases the pendulum, which is partly surrounded by detailed flower etching