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Black Forest Chalet Cuckoo | SchneiderTannenhof

Black Forest Chalet Cuckoo | SchneiderTannenhof

Large wooden cuckoo bird
Black Forest Chalet Cuckoo | SchneiderTannenhof
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Exquisite chalet cuckoo clock with 2 different animations

A Real Wood Cuckoo Clock from the Black Forest of Germany. An 8 day musical Cuckoo, hand carved and crafted with lots of detail.

It has two different animations:

Two beer drinkers move to the cuckoo call on the half and full hour

Look at the heart shaped cut outs in the shutters!

4 Dancing figurines dance to one of two melodies after the call of cuckoo on the hour as the water-wheel turns and the couple kisses

This 8-day clock with automatic night shut off has a large cuckoo with dancing couples, wooden dial and hands.

Swiss music box plays 2, 36 note melodies

High quality Swiss music movement.

With each cuckoo call a bell strikes.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Schneider 8 Day Musical Cuckoo Clock-8TMT1555/9
51 cm 20 inches tall
Material solid wood, wooden hands and dial
music movement 2.36
Brand Schneider
weight 27.1 pounds
Size 20.1 x 18.1 x 9.8
Movement German Regular 8 day movement (must be wound weekly)
Features Benefits
hand carved craftmanship on figurines each one unique, detailed workmanship
Schneider cuckoo clock Name brand, quality from a trusted manufacturer, and a 2 year warrant
Real Wood, hand carved Long lasting product with unique features
Highly qualified and trained carvers Obvious love of detail combined with ancient handicraft skills to give a cuckoo that is a work of art
sound Cuckoo call and bell strike
sound automatic night shut off
Old world style antiqued finish
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Fast Shipping and Handling

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