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Antique Grandfather Clock

Antique Grandfather Clock

Unique, one of a kind!
Antique Grandfather Clock
Another Full View!Detailed sidesSilver coated brass weights
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A unique antique grandfather clock with an interesting history and awesome look.

The only one in the world!

This LARGE Grandfather Clock (9 feet tall) was brought to the USA from England in 1972. We have a description, hand written, of the clock given to us when we bought it.
The numbers are gold plated and the weights are brass coated with silver. We were told at the time we bought it that was made in the late 1700s and then modified in the 1800's when they added the Westminster Chimes. Now it is a Whittington and Westminster Chiming Clock with a Large Brass Movement, weight driven pendulum, Dead-beat escapement, and maintaining pull for winding time. Solid Oak throughout. The old original clock maker is Evans Saho Clock factory, Handsworth, England.