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Kieninger High quality clocks with detail, beauty and class.

The quality of Kieninger cases and movements remain unmatched in the industry and the high standard for quality and workmanship will be appreciated by the most discriminating customer.  Please note the following:

  • These are high quality clocks, imported from Germany.  General lead time from your order to delivery may be 4 to 6 weeks.  However, expidited delivery is available.  Call 830 693 2476 for details.
  • All clocks feature Kieninger quality movements - Unmatched in the industry
The lowest prices on the web, great quality and low shipping costs.
Master pieces of modern clocks

Master pieces of modern clocks

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611-144 Scarborough611-144 Scarborough
Antique Walnut Grandfather Clock | KieningerAntique Walnut Grandfather Clock | Kieninger
Boudoir Table Clock | KieningerBoudoir Table Clock | Kieninger
Crystal Cherry Mantel Clock | KieningerCrystal Cherry Mantel Clock | Kieninger
Curio Wall Clock | Kieninger  2620-11-01Curio Wall Clock | Kieninger 2620-11-01
Elegant Cherry Wall Clock | KieningerElegant Cherry Wall Clock | Kieninger
Gold Plated  Mantel Clock | Kieninger 1240-06-01Gold Plated Mantel Clock | Kieninger 1240-06-01
Kieninger Glass Wall clock  "Domus Imperial"Kieninger Glass Wall clock "Domus Imperial"
Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0129-41-01Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0129-41-01
Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0138-82-01Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0138-82-01
Kieninger Keywind Regulator Wall ClockKieninger Keywind Regulator Wall Clock
Kieninger Showcase Furniture Clock  1712-23-02Kieninger Showcase Furniture Clock 1712-23-02
Kieninger solid brass chrome plated mantel clock 1709-02-02Kieninger solid brass chrome plated mantel clock 1709-02-02
Kieninger Special Pendulum Wall Clock 2565-93-01Kieninger Special Pendulum Wall Clock 2565-93-01
Kieninger Thomas Jefferson Grandfather ClockKieninger Thomas Jefferson Grandfather Clock
Modern Designer Mantel Clock | KieningerModern Designer Mantel Clock | Kieninger
Old English Antique Grandfather Clock | KieningerOld English Antique Grandfather Clock | Kieninger
Royal Gold Mantel Clock | KieningerRoyal Gold Mantel Clock | Kieninger
Rustic Oak Grandfather Clock | KieningerRustic Oak Grandfather Clock | Kieninger
The Kieninger Mozart Clock   1756-96-01The Kieninger Mozart Clock 1756-96-01
Vienna Style Wall Clock | KieningerVienna Style Wall Clock | Kieninger