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Carriage Style Officer Clock | Bulova Silver AlarmCarriage Style Officer Clock | Bulova Silver AlarmA beautiful carriage clock with an alarm. It has a Metal case and a bright silver plate finish. The dial is Pearlized and the back door is Hinged. Beep alarm. Protective curved lens.
Maritime Desk Clock | Bulova QuartermasterMaritime Desk Clock | Bulova QuartermasterBulova Quartermaster Desk Clock with a solid wood chest, mahogany finish, polished brass case, maritime dial and beep alarm. H: 3 7/8" W: 6 5/8" D: 3 1/2" (open: 8 1/2" high)
Time traveler Alarm Clock | Bulova AdamoTime traveler Alarm Clock | Bulova AdamoEarly morning meetings or that special early morning date to see the sunrise will be easy with this handy alarm clock. It has a metal case with a chrome finish and a protective hinged cover. Black metal dial with bright polished numerals.