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Anniversary Clock | Bradford Lord Baltimore IIAnniversary Clock | Bradford Lord Baltimore IIThe Lord Baltimore Solid Brass Pedestal Clock
Bradford ASHMORE Wall ClockBradford ASHMORE Wall ClockA classic, antique style wall clock that takes you back to a simpler time.
Bradford CARLISLE Wall ClockBradford CARLISLE Wall ClockThe Carlisle Oak American Classic Replica Schoolhouse Wall Clock
Bradford HIGHLAND Mantel ClockBradford HIGHLAND Mantel Clock

The Highland White Maple Mantel Clock with Westminster and Bim-Bam Chimes.

A subtle Cherry Finish, polished brass-finish clock dial!
Bradford HIGHLAND Mantel Clock (Keywind)Bradford HIGHLAND Mantel Clock  (Keywind)The HIGHLAND White Maple Mantel Clock
Bradford HOLYOKE II Wall ClockBradford HOLYOKE II Wall ClockThe Holyoke II Petite American Classic Style Wall Clock
Bradford HUDSON Mantel ClockBradford HUDSON Mantel ClockHudson Mantle Clock
Bradford LANSFORD Wall ClockBradford LANSFORD Wall ClockThe Lansford Red Oak Dark Antique Finish Wall Clock
Bradford LANSFORD Wall Clock - KeywindBradford LANSFORD Wall Clock - KeywindThe Lansford Red Oak Dark Antique Finish Wall Clock
Bradford OXFORD Wall ClockBradford OXFORD Wall ClockGive any room a dignified feeling with this classic style wall clock.
Bradford Seville Mantel ClockBradford Seville Mantel ClockA designer mantel clock made in America from fine selected hardwoods with glass cathedral windows.
Bradford TREMONT II Mantel ClockBradford TREMONT II Mantel ClockThis diminutive mantle clock was created for homes or offices where space is at a premium
Bradford VERSAILLES Mantel Clock keywindBradford VERSAILLES Mantel Clock keywindThe Bradford Versailles North American Black Walnut Mantel Clock Key wind version
Bradford VERSAILLES Mantel Clock quartzBradford VERSAILLES Mantel Clock quartzThe Bradford Versailles North American Black Walnut Mantel Clock. A beautiful real wood mantel clock with a quartz movement. The cabinet is solid and is highlighted with a polished brass finish handle. A silver colored time ring and corner spandrels accent the polished brass-finish clock dial.
Desk Portrait ClockDesk Portrait ClockStylish brass desk clocks that is made to personalize...
DOMINION Anniversary ClockDOMINION Anniversary ClockThis stunning gold plated anniversary clock makes a great customized gift...
EXECUTIVE Anniversary Desk ClockEXECUTIVE Anniversary Desk ClockSolid hardwood featuring classic style. Easily customizable.
Octagon Oak Wall Clock | Holyoke IOctagon Oak Wall Clock | Holyoke IA traditional wall clock with a golden oak finish, American made. Great quality and a great Price. We pay for shipping.
Regulator Wall Clock | Cherry FinishRegulator Wall Clock | Cherry FinishA large wall clock with elegant simple lines, beautiful chimes, and a dark cherry finish. It has a brass trimmed dial, decorative weights and a brass pendulum. 4/4 Westminster Chimes
WENTWORTH Carriage Clock | BradfordWENTWORTH Carriage Clock | BradfordPetite sized, carriage style brass desk clock...