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611-144 Scarborough611-144 ScarboroughHigh quality German movement Grandfather Clock, features a distinct bonnet pediment with book-matched olive ash burl overlays and a decorative carved applique. 
  • Brushed satin brass finished dial features cast center and corner ornaments, and a moon arch with an astrological blue moon phase and a pierced star pattern. Includes a silver chapter ring with applied brass Arabic numerals.
Antique Walnut Grandfather Clock | KieningerAntique Walnut Grandfather Clock | KieningerA classic Kieninger Grandfather Clock, with a curio case in antique walnut finish, beveled glass front door and a fantastic 27 cm lyre pendulum. The glass sides allow a full view of the movement.
Boudoir Table Clock | KieningerBoudoir Table Clock | KieningerThe Kieninger Boudoir Table Clock. A beautiful addition to your collection with diamond milled edges and 4 columns with decorative solid brass caps and crystal clear chimes.
Crystal Cherry Mantel Clock | KieningerCrystal Cherry Mantel Clock | KieningerA Best of breed, real wood mantel clock by Kieninger having a beautiful cherry case and 3 beveled crystal glasses in door and side panels. Plus 2 curved, beveled crystal glasses in the top allowing a view of the bell chime. Another fine mantel clock from Kieninger.
Curio Wall Clock | Kieninger 2620-11-01Curio Wall Clock | Kieninger  2620-11-01Classic curio wall clock in oak with 4 shelves, embossed roman dial 150 mm, Breguet-style hands and brass stick pendulum 80 mm.
Elegant Cherry Wall Clock | KieningerElegant Cherry Wall Clock | KieningerClassic cable regulator wall clock in antique cherry with beveled crystal glass and a genuine enamel dial 18 cm. Has a second indication, polished grid pendulum.
Gold Plated Mantel Clock | Kieninger 1240-06-01Gold Plated  Mantel Clock | Kieninger 1240-06-01Classic gold plated solid brass mantel clock, diamond-milled edges and 4 columns with decorative caps, 2 doors with beveled crystal glass; silver plated multifunctional dial with etched rhombic decoration
Kieninger Glass Wall clock "Domus Imperial"Kieninger Glass Wall clock  "Domus Imperial"A Glass Wall Clock, the Domus Imperial, is a Kieninger decorative wall clock with a unique design based on the palace of the Roman Emperor Nero. With hardened glass and a quartz movement.
Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0129-41-01Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0129-41-01A perfect example of Kieninger quality and craftsmanship. This Grandfather Clock features a Elaborately crafted, representative floor clock with bonnet pediment and burl overlays in solid cherry finish. 2 doors with beveled crystal glass, additional beveled crystal glass doors allow a view of the movement. Matching design of moon dial, weight shells and 27 cm lyre pendulum with casted decorations. 4/4 cable movement, triple chime
Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0138-82-01Kieninger Grandfather Clock 0138-82-01A perfect example of Kieninger quality and craftsmanship. This Grandfather Clock features a walnut case with a curved base. walnut burl and inlays, and a decorative brass column caps. A clock for the discriminating customer who demands world class quality.
Kieninger Keywind Regulator Wall ClockKieninger Keywind Regulator Wall ClockA classic key wind regulator Wall Clock by Kieninger with an antique walnut case, beveled crystal glass, elegant dial with seconds indication and polished brass panel.
Kieninger Showcase Furniture Clock 1712-23-02Kieninger Showcase Furniture Clock  1712-23-02Unique showcase clock in walnut antique, this is a beautiful, limited edition furniture clock from Kieninger. Designed to match any decor it features a walnut antique finish with a drawer and 2 shelves. It has a hidden pressure lift mechanism that allows the cube hood to be automatically raised above the movement. A real wood clock, this is a classic example of quality from Kieninger.
Kieninger solid brass chrome plated mantel clock 1709-02-02Kieninger solid brass chrome plated mantel clock 1709-02-02A beautiful solid brass chrome plated mantel clock by Kieninger. For the discriminating buyer, this sparkling mantel clock is perfect for a shelf in the foyer or living room. It has a silver plated calendar dial with moon phase, beautiful chimes, and a glow in the right light. The edition of this clock is limited to 500 pieces.
Kieninger Special Pendulum Wall Clock 2565-93-01Kieninger Special Pendulum Wall Clock 2565-93-01The special second pendulum clock Case in high-gloss black and back panel in cherry with cherry burl and delicate inlays, front door featuring curved, beveled glass, contemporary styled silver plated dial with large second indication, polished dial ring and hand-milled Breguet-style hands, special second pendulum with carbon fiber rod and high precision adjustment.
Kieninger Thomas Jefferson Grandfather ClockKieninger Thomas Jefferson Grandfather ClockA perfect example of Kieninger quality and craftsmanship. This Grandfather Clock features a bonnet pediment and burl overlays in solid oak rustic finish. A Real Wood Clock, a solid oak rustic finish.
Modern Designer Mantel Clock | KieningerModern Designer Mantel Clock | KieningerA beautiful modern mantel clock with a bell chime by Kieninger. A designer clock to match almost any decor, this masterpiece has a walnut case with 5 crystal glasses. The case is walnut with 5 beveled crystal glasses. Has a calendar dial with moon phase, second, date, day of the week and month indication.
Old English Antique Grandfather Clock | KieningerOld English Antique Grandfather Clock | KieningerA perfect example of Kieninger quality and craftsmanship. This Grandfather Clock features a Case in antique walnut with walnut burl and maple inlays. A Real Wood Clock,
Royal Gold Mantel Clock | KieningerRoyal Gold Mantel Clock | KieningerFor the discriminating customer, this 24 carat gold plated mantel clock, numbered edition, is brought to you by Kieninger Clocks. Best of the Best, this majestic clock has 7 beveled and partly curved crystal glasses that form a dome above the precious bell chime. A perfect clock for the mantel, it has a 24 gold plated open grid allowing a view of the bells.
Rustic Oak Grandfather Clock | KieningerRustic Oak Grandfather Clock | KieningerA perfect example of Kieninger quality and craftsmanship. This Grandfather Clock features an oak rustic finish, door with beveled crystal glass, glass sides allow a full view of the movement, moon dial with applied arabic numerals and true seconds indication, 270 mm lyre pendulum. Beautiful chimes.
The Kieninger Mozart Clock 1756-96-01The Kieninger Mozart Clock   1756-96-01Kieninger Mozart Mantel Clock. Unique design and best of breed. The elaborately crafted handpolished black finish case features beveled crystal glasses in door, side panels and the pediment, allowing a full view of the precious bell chime. An elaborate etched moon dial with the famous view of the Mozart town Salzburg on the moon disc, radial chime selector, date function and second indication completes the distinctive design.
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